The Basics of Finding the Best Dog Food for Small Breed Dogs

No one would argue the fact that small breed dogs are extra adorable, no matter if they are Pomeranians or Dachsunds. Small breed dogs are pretty active and mobile than large breed dogs. Most of their energy is spent while playing and running throughout the day. Finding the best dog food for small-breed dogs becomes a challenge as innumerable options are available in the market.

This article aims to educate our readers on the basics of finding the best puppy food for small breeds. We will also discuss what makes a dog food product suitable for a small breed dog and its benefits.

What is the Difference Between Small and Large Breed Dogs?


Before we jump on to what makes a dog product the best puppy food for small breeds, it is vital to address the main differences between small and giant breed dogs that call for different nutrition.

The fundamental difference we can identify from our naked eye is their size. Small breed dogs are way smaller than large breeds. Hence, small dogs require nutrition suitable for their size and healthy growth. Large breed dogs, on the other hand, are pretty bulkier and enormous. These large dogs call for a differentiated nutritional requirement.

HillsPet states that a small breed dog can lie below 30 pounds. Food for a little pup is formulated and expected to carry all essential nutrients that require it to develop strong. Small puppies have a minimal portion size. Hence, they need calorie-intensive food so even a smaller portion can satisfy their nutritional requirements and prosper the growth functions adequately.

In contrast, a large breed dog is more prominent in size and can eat a lot in one sitting. Because of that, it is essential to feed it food that is less in calories, so the dog does not end up overeating. Similarly, smaller dogs are much more active and mobile, so they need food packed with energy and vital nutrients. Larger dogs need calcium and protein, so their bones become more robust and get the maximum energy for fewer portions.

The Basics of Choosing the Best Puppy Food for Small Breed Dogs

What Makes a Dog Food “Good”?

Small puppies need nutrient-dense food that fulfills their daily requirements and allows them to have a nourishing diet and grow well. Their food should comprise essential nutrients such as protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals to achieve that result. Dog food consisting of meat, fruits, vegetables, and grains covers all these nutritional requirements.

Therefore, a portion of dog food that contains meats, fruits, vegetables, and grains of the highest quality can be called the best puppy food for small breed dogs.

Small Breed Dog Food Should Be Calorie Intensive

Small breed dogs are energetic and need adequate calories to stay active and lean throughout the day. Considering their small stomachs, they cannot eat an increased amount. Hence, their food should be calorie intensive to give them all the necessary nutrients.

However, as a dog parent, you should be extra-careful not to overfeed your small breed pup. Overfeeding can result in them gaining weight; even a pound of weight gain is unsuitable for a small breed dog. This is because small breed dogs already weigh less, and an additional pound can put pressure on their bones, weakening them.

Small Breed Dog Food Should Be Smaller in Size

By smaller in size, we mean to say that small-breed dog food should have tiny pieces of kibble. Since small breed puppies have little mouths and teeth, feeding them small pieces of kibble is recommended. This helps digestion as the puppy does not swallow big kibble chunks and can quickly chow down on its food.

Always Opt for Trusted Brands

As of now, there are 630 brands of dog food products available alone in the United States of America. Finding genuine brands that provide the proper nutrition to your dog has become quite challenging. Consult your vet about the best puppy food for small breed dogs.

Click on this link to read about the best puppy food for small breeds recommended by nutritionists and qualified vets.

Buy Only AAFCO Certified Dog Products


The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) is a non-profit organization regulating animal feed product sales and distribution. Every company that manufactures dog food must certify its product through AAFCO’s rigorous regulations and tests. AAFCO tests the dog food for any deficiencies and unwanted ingredients it might have.

After being satisfied with a product, they issue a label certifying that AAFCO has certified this product and it is safe for use. All other brands without a certification should not be bought.

Always Check the Ingredients

Learn how to read an ingredients chart for a dog product. For example, many products mention meat or meat by-products. It is your right to know what type of meat is used in the product. Many trusted brands mention chicken, lamb, fish, or beef, to educate the dog parents regarding what protein source the product has.

By reading the ingredients chart, you can know the exact composition of nutrients in the product and choose the best puppy food for your small breed dog wisely.

Consult Your Vet

Every dog has specific nutritional requirements and may carry allergic reactions to certain ingredients. It is common to find dogs that are allergic to some grains. Hence, they should be fed grain-free dog food even though grains are a massive source of carbs. Similarly, dogs that are allergic to fish should be fed dog products made up of different sources of protein. Lactose intolerancy is also known among dogs. Therefore, those dogs should not be given dairy products such as milk or cheese.

To take all these concerns into consideration, it is crucial to consult your vet and get any allergies identified.

Wrapping Up

By considering the above basics and implementing them while searching for dog food, you will end up getting the best puppy food for your small breed dog. Always opt for trusted brands, and read the product ingredients.

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