6 Tips For Choosing the Best Puppy Food for Your Corgi

Corgis are adorable dogs that are friendly and caring and turn out to be great companions. Well, owning a Corgi or any other dog is not just fun and games. The real deal starts when you have to choose a dog food to feed your pup. The best puppy food for Corgis can be a challenging task to find since there are numerous dog food products available on the market. It just gets confusing which product to pick up from the aisle.

Corgis, like any other dog, needs a balanced diet filled with essential nutrients that help it grow to the optimum level. Essential nutrients include protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. A portion of dog food that contains all these can be called a good-enough product for your dog. Here are our six expert tips to help you find the best puppy food for Corgis.

Choose the Dog Food Brand Wisely


So many options are available in the market that choosing the right one can get out of hand. However, choosing a dog food brand wisely is extremely important, as high-quality food will give your dog the proper boost. It is recommended to always search for AAFCO-certified dog foods.

American Association of Feed Control Officials is a not-for-profit organization that regulates pet food. Brands must send in their samples of dog food products that undergo a series of rigorous tests. The food is checked to see if it contains any deficiencies or does it cause any unwanted effects on the dog. Top-notch products are ultimately certified and receive a certification label from AAFCO. Always search for the label printed on the product before adding it to your cart.

Searching for online reviews regarding a brand and its product is best before finalizing it. The best practice is to consult your vet or nutritionist regarding particular dog food. Get all the things in place and make a well-informed decision. You should stick to dog food that seems to be working fine for your pup. Do not shift between products, as this can lead to difficulties for your puppy to settle for one product. Dogs are not like humans who crave variety every single time. Feeding a balanced nutritional diet to a dog is the only important thing.

Choose Food According to your Dog Breed

Corgis primarily lie in the category of small to medium dog breeds. Considering breed size while choosing a dog food product is significant as various products are manufactured for various-sized dog breeds. There are hardly any products in the market that are universally available and recommended for all dogs.

Small breed dogs require an ample amount of energy in order to excel in their day-to-day activities. This is because small breed dogs are energetic and spend most of their time running and playing. This is why they are fed more frequently than large breed dogs. Similarly, small breed dogs may suffer from illnesses if they aren’t provided with calorie-rich foods. Hence, it is essential to feed them dog food that is rich in calories and contains all necessary nutrients.

Large breed dogs, on the other hand, require foods less in calories as they tend to eat more and are at constant risk of getting overweight. They also need foods high in calcium, which develops their bones and strengthens their overall structure. Kibble size is also different for large and small breed dogs. It is evident that small breed dogs have smaller mouths; hence, they need smaller pieces of kibble and vice versa for large breed dogs.

Feed a Balanced Diet


The best puppy food for your Corgi is something that ticks all the boxes of its daily requirements and channels its growth towards betterment in all directions. Look at the nutrition chart printed on the back of the product packaging to get a clear idea of the composition of nutrients.

The puppy food should contain a hefty amount of protein and carbohydrates to ensure that your dog gets fed the required calories and that its muscle strength also builds. Fats are essential for the puppy’s neurological development and nourish skin and coat. Vitamins and minerals improve the immunity of the dog.

Have a Look at the Ingredients

The best puppy food for your Corgi is a product that contains all essential nutrients derived from the highest quality ingredients. Many brands often mention meat-based protein but do not convey the specifications of what meat is used. As a consumer, it is your right to know what ingredients are used to produce a portion of dog food. Always choose products that have validated protein sources, such as chicken, lamb, and beef. Stay away from products that make use of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and fillers.

Wet Food or Dry Food?

Choosing wet or dry food to feed your dog is a personal decision. However, if you learn the benefits of feeding each option, your decision-making process will become much more straightforward and effective.

Dry dog food is perfect for strengthening the teeth and gums of the dog as it requires the dog to chew upon the crunchy kibble. Dry dog food also ensures that a puppy does not turn overweight since eating the food requires quite a lot of effort. Hence, the food is consumed appropriately.

Wet food is recommended for dogs that do not drink enough water throughout the day or struggle while eating dry dog food. Either option is great for your puppy.

Consult a Vet

The last tip for choosing the best puppy food for Corgis is identifying its specific needs. Every dog is different. Hence, it is recommended that you consult your vet on what needs your dog has. Does it have any allergies or health problems? Only feed the food most appropriate for your pup.

Wrapping Up

We hope these six tips will help you hand-pick the best puppy food for Corgis. Ensure you always trust renowned brands and only consider products with a balanced diet and premium ingredients! Consult your vet for more information.

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