About Us


Bindi Paws has directories, articles, videos, checklists  about everything from how to care for your new puppy through to how best to introduce your dog into your home. We are currently developing our Android and iOS apps where users can view all current articles in our knowledge base in-app.

Bindi Paws Mission Statement

We are committed to linking both professional pet businesses and pet owners. Our main goal is providing pet owners tips and guides to help increase their awareness and knowledge on how to take care of their pets comfortably by themselves and also to provide a comprehensive channel for them to get appropriate support whenever the need arises.

We intend to be your main source of information from when you decide to have a pet for as long as you have your pets with you.


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For all inquiries and collaboration questions please contact us via this email – info@bindipaws.com or fill out our Contact Form Available here.