What is the best puppy food? Tips and instructions for choosing the right one

Are you wondering what is the best puppy food in exact terms? The word best is often used as a cliche to describe an average product. According to Pet Food Processing, there are 630 dog food brands worldwide. Choosing a suitable brand for your pup can be challenging with such an overload of available brands.

So what is the best puppy food for your dog? Do not worry, as Bindi Paws has brought the most valuable tips and instructions to clarify what dog food is the best for your fluffy friend!

What are the Available Options?

First, let us explore the different types of dog foods and what are the distinguishing features between them.

Various dog foods are specially made for puppies, young, and adult dogs. Each dog requires specific nutrients in each life stage to grow healthy. Before you put your hands on a famous brand, see if the product is suitable for your puppy or made for an adult dog. Feeding improper food can lead to health problems.

Moreover, there are classifications in dog food according to the size of the dog breed. According to AKC, 16 popular large dog breeds exist on Earth that are usually kept as pets. Around 90 small dog breeds exist that have different nutritional requirements than large breed dogs. Read these blog posts to learn the best food options for large and small breed dogs.

Apart from the breed and lifecycle stage, each dog is different in terms of its habits and genetics. For example, as a dog owner, you should not give dairy products to a dog who is lactose-intolerant since it can trigger allergic reactions. Similarly, some dogs are allergic to specific grains even though grains are a great source of carbohydrates. Hence, they are fed grain-free dog food. Consult your vet to learn if your dog contains any allergies.

You can cancel off a lot of available brands based on the above criteria to leave yourself with a few specifically available options most suitable for your dog.

What is the Best Puppy Food for A Dog?


The best puppy food is simply the one that matches your dog’s nutritional requirements while channeling growth within. Dogs need various nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, fats, etc., just like humans. All of the essential nutrients are packed in a well-defined formula that is called kibble. Processed dog food does not feel very pleasing to the eye and appetizing. However, it contains all the necessary ingredients and nutrients the dog needs.

However, experts argue that highly processed dog food is nothing but a stomach filler that lacks nutritional value. Processing the food can break valuable nutrients and enzymes.

Apart from the rivalry between minimally processed and highly processed dog food, one thing is sure, that dog food should contain various minerals, vitamins, fiber, protein, carbohydrates, and fats. To fulfill all these nutritional requirements, dog food contains meat, fruits, vegetables, and grains. The best puppy food is something that includes all these components of the highest quality.

Tips for Choosing Healthy Puppy Food

Only Trust Renowned Brands

According to Lemonade, 69 million households in the USA own a pet dog. Hence, the market for dog food and dog products is immense! As a result, many dog food and treat brands have been launched lately that promise to provide the best nutrition to your dog through their products. In this havoc of brand competition, choosing the correct band becomes quite challenging.

Not to worry, as the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) covers up for this. AAFCO mandates all brands to test their products before launching them in markets. Doing this ensures that a product does not cause any deficiencies and imbalances in the dog. Only trust brands that have the AAFCO label printed on their packaging.

Choose Products That Fulfil All Nutritional Requirements

A puppy needs ample energy through its food to be active and playful throughout the day. Protein is also highly required to develop the dog’s muscles, skin, hair, and cartilage. Calcium is essential for boosting bone strength and the overall skeletal structure of the pup. Fats are needed for the neurological development of the dog.

Puppy Food Should Be According to the Dog’s Breed

We cannot stress the importance of this point enough. You must give food to a dog after knowing its breed. A small breed dog requires additional calories to stay energized throughout the day while fighting certain diseases caused by low-energy foods. Small breed dogs such as Chihuahua, Pomeranian, and Yorkshire Terrier tend to develop low sugar levels if not fed calorie-intensive foods.

In contrast, a large breed dog requires fewer calories and food rich in calcium and fiber. Since large breed dogs are big, they eat a more significant portion size than small dogs, which can lead to overeating. Hence, their foods should be low in calories. Calcium is needed to develop their bones.

Have a Look at the Ingredients


Read the ingredients label on the dog food before purchasing it. You will find helpful information, such as what type of meat is used and are there meat by-products used. The exact composition of how many proteins and other nutrients exist in the product can also be deduced by reading the ingredients and nutritional information.

Consult Your Vet

After shortlisting a few options, consult your vet and ask them to choose the right product for your puppy. Your dog might have allergies to certain ingredients. Learn about any helpful information from your vet before finalizing a product.

Final Views

Before you place your hands on a dog food product, you must learn all its associated factors. Each dog has particular needs that its food should fulfill. Click here to read some of the best dog food products online! We hope that the answer to what is the best puppy food is clear now.

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