Online Puppy Training Programs – All You Need To Know 

So you just got a fluffy friend to be your household member from now on, but you cannot figure out ways to train it? Training your puppy is essential to maintain disciplined and balanced behavior in the house. An ill-trained dog can cause quite a nuisance in the household by chewing on stuff, pottying on carpets, and barking excessively.

Now that you have decided to train your puppy, you might wonder how I am supposed to do it. An experienced puppy trainer can cost you some serious bucks. Enrolling your dog in a puppy training school might not be possible for you concerning your busy schedule or tiring drives. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can train your puppy at home using expert training videos and programs. Most of these programs are free, and below we have listed our top picks of online puppy training programs. 


Why Choose Online Puppy Training Programs?

The first part of this question is why it is crucial to train your dog. The answer will be pretty evident for dog owners. When thinking about adopting a dog, all we have in mind are those beautiful memories of playing and petting our dog that we will experience. However, the reality is much different. A dog that has not been trained can turn your house into a mess in only days. 

Online puppy training helps your dog get trained under your guidance and comfort zone of the house. Puppy training schools might not be your dog’s piece of cake since it can get intimidating to learn with other pups. Let’s explore some of the most influential and popular online training programs you can take today!

Wagfield Academy

If you are looking for a training program that gives you a detailed dog training overview before purchasing the entire program, Wagfield Academy is the way to go. Wagfield offers three free courses that you can watch without any additional requirements. The free course will give you an overview of their training methods and programs. Once satisfied with the free lectures, you can get their premium plan at an affordable price.

Wagfield Academy aims to provide affordable puppy training programs to dog owners all around the globe. The basic program is called Puppy 101, which helps teach your dog basic cues such as come, sit, crate training, potty training, and leash training. Video lessons, written instructions, and blog posts are there to solidify your learning. The website also offers quizzes related to each training program.


Sirius Dog Training

If you are among those dog parents who are not interested in opting for pre-recorded lectures, Sirius Dog Training has got you covered. The academy hosts online classes on video conferencing platforms like Zoom. The class size is also not more than six students. Professional trainers from all around the globe with years of experience conduct lectures.

The best part about Sirius Academy is its personalized training techniques that provide valuable training lessons to your pooch. One complete training session is about 4 to 5 weeks which you can purchase for about $160. The whole course schedule and timeline are also available on their portal once you apply for the training program.

K9 Institute

K9 Institute of online dog training has entered the competition lately and has been successful within a very short span of time. The experts at K9 have brought modern techniques and methods of dog training that are quite distant from the traditional methods. Traditional dog training methods involve verbal cues and specific words that your dog associates with certain behaviors.

K9 has revolutionized the dog training experience by introducing non-verbal cues and body language to train puppies. The results from their training sessions speak for themselves. You can enroll in premium training classes today by going to their website and filling out a form.

American Kennel Club (AKC)

The American Kennel Club has focused on teaching dog parents new stuff through informative articles and podcasts. Most of the content on their website is free of cost. You can learn various techniques, including basic training cues such as heel, come, and sit. These training sessions are available in detailed blog posts and brief videos.

If you wish to train your dog with a few basic cues, such as crate and house training, you should try AKC.

Petco Training

Petco is a leading pet food supplier, and they have also been conducting in-store puppy training sessions. Fortunately, they have recently started their online puppy training programs that are being held on Zoom Meetings. Petco can offer you the best training program if you want to learn how to crate train, potty train, and call your dog towards you.

Their advanced sessions include enhancing your dog’s socialization skills and the ability to indulge with other dogs. Their four-session training package costs $99.

Blue Cross Dog Advice

Blue Cross has some great tips and advice if you are at the initial stage of training your puppy and are pretty frustrated with its behavior. Apart from teaching your dog basic behaviors, you can also benefit by reading in-depth articles regarding how to boost dog health and numerous articles related to dog care.

Blue Cross also offers a plethora of games and training tricks for your dog to implement and learn cool stuff within days. Most of the content on the website is accessible for free. 


Dogmantics offer weekly training programs for your dog, emphasizing basic puppy manners and tricks. Progressive reinforcement is practiced while training dogs at Dogmantics. It means no abusive and harsh behavior is used to teach the pups.

A wide range of training packages is available on Dogmantics’s official website. Membership starts from $40 and goes up to $99. The videos are available in many languages to cater to different audiences.


A Brief Summary

Online puppy training can be the best method for you to train your puppy with some fantastic tricks and behaviors. Explore all the options mentioned above and choose the one most suitable for your needs. All of the above training programs are being run by experts. Hence, you can be relieved that your dog will learn under their guidance.

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