5 Tips to Potty Train a Puppy and 8 Training Methods

Did you know that most puppies and shelters are left in the wild because of house soiling? Potty training a puppy is considered one of the most critical aspects to house train a puppy. This habit can make or break your relationship with your dog, as it gets pretty frustrating when owners find dogs ruining their house.

This article will discuss five key puppy potty training tips and eight tips in general that can teach your dog some essential behaviors and cues.

5 Potty Train Puppy Tips

  • Don’t Keep Your Eyes Off

Dogs are innocent creatures who do not quite understand the correct house behaviors and rules. As a dog parent, you must always watch your dog and see what it is up to. Do not leave your bedroom doors open for them to creep in and make a mess. 

  • Maintain Fixed Timings

In the start, it is best to take your puppy out to potty at fixed times such as in the morning, after meals, after playing, etc. This will be useful in potty training a dog as it will know when it needs to go out.

  • Look Out For Signals

Your puppy might be groaning or making weird noises whenever they feel like going out for the potty. You must look closely at them and always look for similar signals.

  • Set Your Priorities

While potty training a puppy, your dog should be your priority. You should always be available for them and give them every convenience even when it is not suitable for you. For example, when your dog seems groaning, immediately take them outside to potty instead of procrastinating.

  • Set Training Sessions And Reward Their Efforts

Potty training can help your puppy learn basic house etiquette and rules. Do not forget to reward your pup with treats whenever it achieves a particular task. This makes training manageable and more effective.

8 Methods To House Train A Puppy

These eight house training methods can improve your dog’s behavior and actions, making it more active and disciplined:

  • Take Them Out Frequently

Dogs who spend their time in households tend to get bored and frustrated. Hence, it is common to find their house soiling. Take your four-legged friend out frequently for walks in the mornings and afternoons.

  • Use A Specific Word

To potty train a puppy, it is essential to condition your puppy with their behavior. Whenever you take your dog out for a potty session, say a word at the exact time when they release. This will help the dog understand the action associated with the term and do precisely that in the future.

  • Reward Your Puppy

When potty training a dog, reward them appropriately whenever they obey your commands. For example, give them a treat for eliminating outside. This will help encourage the dog to repeat the same behavior.

  • Use Positive Reinforcements Only

Do not punish your pets using verbal or physical abuse, no matter what happens. Only use positive reinforcements such as treats and praises to motivate them. Doing this will encourage them to behave correctly and ensure they don’t get stubborn and emotionally challenged.

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  • Crate Training A Puppy

The crate is where your dog spends most of its time sleeping and living. It’s also an excellent place for them to start potty training. Ensure the dog has enough space in the crate to go potty while remaining clean. This allows the dog to eliminate in a corner. Another tip for crate training a dog is to create a potty section in the crate. This allows your dog to relieve himself in one compartment while resting in the other.

  • Use Puppy Pads

This training method might be handy if you are blessed with a dog that is always ruining your expensive carpet and rugs. Puppy pads are absorbent pads that can soak dirt. Your puppy can quickly potty inside your house on them without ruining the floor and carpets. This is an excellent way to start if your dog is not yet accustomed to going to potty outside. This method is called paper training, where you assign a legal and safe place for your puppy to eliminate.

  • Control Their Diet

During housebreaking a puppy, it is essential to understand that a dog’s diet plays a crucial role in its potty training. Dogs have unstable digestive systems that cannot digest much food simultaneously. It is best practice to break down one large portion into multiple meals throughout the day. Also, ensure that you feed your puppy during fixed times, just as we humans eat during fixed intervals.

You should also make another necessary improvement in the food you feed your dog. Always provide your fluffy friend with the highest quality dog food and healthy treats. This will ensure that their diet remains healthy. Examine their stool and look for signs of looseness, bulkiness, or stinkiness. If that is the case, consult a vet and change the dog’s diet plan. This will help you a great deal while potty training a dog.

  • Always Cheer Them Up

Dogs like recognition just as humans do. Try to motivate your dog by giving them rewards and praise whenever possible. Always applaud their good behaviors and forgive their bad ones. Become its best pal and be amazed by the change occurring. Your dog will eventually become more obedient and disciplined.

Closing Notes

Potty training a dog might not be that difficult after all. You only need to implement a few tweaks to your dog’s daily routine. Following our advised tips can help your dog learn many training methods indeed. Keep in mind that dogs learn gradually and will eventually become masters in what they are taught. Hence, it is just a matter of time.

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