Introducing The Collie Dog

Have you come across a collie? They are beautiful and intelligent dogs. Some consider them amongst the smartest dogs in the world. Having originated from Scotland, the Collie dog was used for herding purposes, but today it is the champion of shows due to its ability to tell when something is wrong. In addition, collie dogs are exceptional sporting dogs and are very good at performing other dog breeds’ functions. Collie dogs are generally very tractable and agile, well adapted for hill work, graceful, and physically beautiful. They also have a sweet temper.



Collie dogs come in two varieties. The rough type is known as the full coat, and the smooth type is known as the short coat. The former type is prevalent, smart, and active, while the latter isn’t as sweet-tempered but very useful and adapted as a hill dog.

Physical Features

Now to the physicality of collies, some colors Collie dogs come in include black, white, sable, tri-colored, blue merle, etc.  Females weigh between 50 to 60 pounds, and males weigh 60 to 75. They have a height of approximately 22 to 26 inches.

They have a long head and muzzle that narrows to the nose, and their ears are erect and pointed. All collies have a black or dark nose regardless of their color. The ears of collies come moderately wide at the base. Their eyes are almond-shaped and intelligent. Their eyes are bright and clear, showing curiosity and full of creative expressions. The coat of a collie is thick and double-layered. It’s appropriately textured and abundant over the body except for the legs and head. They have sizeable teeth and a very strong underjaw.

The skull’s width largely depends on the dog’s size. Generally, the skull is flat but a little wide between the ears and then narrows down to the nose and muzzle area. Collie dogs are muscular and are a little long in proportion to their height. Their tails are relatively long, reaching the hock joint or below. Their tails usually lie low when the dog is calm and then carried gaily when excited but not over the back.

Collie dogs represent agility and proper balance harmoniously in proportion to their every part. They aren’t too small or too big. They stand for speed, grace, usefulness, and intelligence.
Collies are prevalent dogs. They are bright, and they are active.  If you are considering getting a collie, you must ensure they have enough exercise and good training, and you will find a great companion in them.

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