How to Start Puppy Training from the Ground Up

Are you one of those who just got a puppy and are appalled that your house is turning into a mess that takes you hours to clean? Well, you are not alone.

When we get a pet puppy, we imagine all the beautiful memories that will come in the future, such as playing with the pup, cuddling it, and taking it together on walks. However, things do not go as smoothly as intended. For the first few months, your puppy needs to be trained some house manners such as no excessive barking, no pottying inside the house, and no chewing on stuff. 

Do not worry; we have the perfect recipe to transform your new puppy into a well-trained canine. Read some of the best puppy training tips below.


Tips For Dog Training

Go Slow And Have Patience

Puppy training sessions should always be brief and up to a load of what your puppy can handle. Do not conduct tiring sessions that make your puppy exhausted and bored. At the start, one training session should be 5 minutes, and total training per day should not exceed 15 minutes.

Use Positive Reinforcement

When training a puppy, make sure that you always use positive reinforcement to encourage and motivate them. A few examples of positive reinforcement are treats, toys, and praising your puppy. Do not punish your puppy in any manner. It can leave their confidence shattered.

Avoid Repeating Their Name Often

While puppy training, you will need to address your pup with its name. Always make sure that you call its name when they respond. Do not call them excessively by their name while they do not respond. This makes it easier for them to ignore you.

Always Reward Your Pup

Dogs are cute animals who only seek acknowledgement and love. Praise them often and reward them with treats for every little effort they make. Their confidence gets boosted, and they become more encouraged to follow your commands.

Puppy Obedience Training

Some behaviours such as sitting, heeling, lying down, and coming towards are basic cues that a puppy should primarily learn. Here we have discussed some of them in detail:

How To Teach Your Dog To Come Towards You

  1. Start by choosing a calling word such as “come.”
  2. Say the focus word and reward your puppy with a treat every time you say it.
  3. Now drop the treat on the ground and say the focus word when the puppy walks toward the treat.
  4. Elevate the training by moving a few steps back and then dropping the treat. Say the focus word when the puppy walks toward you.
  5. Repeat a few times and keep increasing the distance between you and the puppy.
  6. Level up the training by moving back and waiting for your puppy to come toward you. Say the focus word and then drop the treat.
  7. You may adjust the difficulty according to your pup’s performance.

How To Teach Your Dog To Sit

  1. Start by choosing a sitting word such as “sit.”
  2. Stand close to your puppy and lure them with a treat. Hold the treat close to their nose and gradually lift it. 
  3. As your puppy moves upwards to get the treat, it will eventually sit. 
  4. Once the pup’s bottom touches the ground, give them a treat.
  5. Repeat this a few times.
  6. Use your hand to signal to sit, and do not use any treats this time. Lure the pup with your hand exactly as you did with the treat.
  7. Reward the pup when they sit.
  8. Repeat this process and say out the focus word loudly when their bottom touches the ground. 
  9. Repeat the process now by only using the focus word. 

Leash Training A Puppy

  1. When leash training a puppy, the main challenge is to put on the leash.
  2. Make your dog comfortable by giving it treats when bringing the leash near them.
  3. Try putting on the leash on your dog. Give it a treat when they let you do it.
  4. Once the leash is on, encourage your dog and let them get comfortable with the new piece of attachment. The pup might take a few days to get used to the leash.
  5. Practice walking with the leash (preferably in an enclosed area).
  6. Choose where you want your dog to walk (to your left or right).
  7. Choose a focus word such as “left” or “right.”
  8. Now stand next to your puppy, bringing them to a position where you want them to walk. Reward them with treats for standing still.
  9. Start strolling and reward them when they walk beside you.
  10. Practice often until your puppy walks on your side with a loose leash.

Dog Crate Training

  1. Choose a focus word such as “go” or “crate.”
  2. Stand close to the crate and wait for your dog to go inside.
  3. If that does not work, show some interest in the crate to let your dog feel curious about it.
  4. Throw a treat inside the crate. Say the focus word when your pup moves towards the crate.
  5. Once your dog goes inside the crate, reward it with another treat.
  6. Feed your dog inside the crate to make them feel comfortable and accustomed to it.

Final Thoughts

It is essential to teach your puppy socialization as well. You can do that by taking it for walks outside, such as in parks and gardens. Meet with new friends and let your puppy play with other pups. Stay consistent during training sessions and keep practicing until your pooch gets perfect. 

You can also enroll your dog in a training school. Click on this link the read why a training school is vital for your dog.

To access more excellent puppy tips for training, read our detailed blog post by clicking here.

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