Introducing The Foxhound Dog Breed

The foxhound dogs originated from England before being bred in the United States and other parts of the world. George Washington was believed to be part of the early breeders of foxhounds at Mount Vernon. Foxhounds are known for their strong hunting instincts, energy, speed, endurance, and unique bark. There are four types of foxhounds: the English foxhound, the American foxhound, the Dumfriesshire hound, and the welsh foxhound. 


Although they are known for hunting, they can be kept as companions if trained. However, maintaining foxhounds in the cities is not advisable because of their athletic and loud nature. 

Here are some physical features that will help you distinguish foxhound dogs from other breeds. 


The head of a foxhound should be full but not as peak as a bloodhound. There should be a good length and breadth in front of the ears. They have broad, long, and open nostril with 

Eyes & Ears

Foxhounds have very steady-looking eyes which are bright and full of determination. Foxhound gazes are just worth everything. The ear of a foxhound lies close to the cheeks and is set low. Teeth must also meet squarely. 

Neck & Shoulders

The neck is without throatiness. Must be clean and taper t from shoulders to head. 

The neck must be long and well-sloped for its majestic look. 

Legs & Feet

When you hear foxhounds, you hear straight legs. They are known for very upright legs from the arm downwards. Their knees are level and flat. A little curve exists at the toe area. The bone of the legs is also moderately sized. The feet are cat-shaped and round, and they have clean toes. 

Coat & Color

Coats of foxhound are short, hard, and glossy looking. The coat is beautifully laid and smooth. Foxhounds are dogs that usually come in a combination of colors, including various pies. First, there’s the Belvoir tan, a combination of black, brown, and white, then the badger pied, which has a kind of grey and white, the lemon pied; light yellow and white; and then the hare pied a darker yellow and white. 


Height & Weight

The height of a male fox hound is about 22 to 25 inches, while bitches are an average of 21 to 24 inches.    

Foxhounds weigh about 40 to 60 pounds.

Like every other dog, foxhounds need care and training to get the best out of them. However, if you are very athletic, foxhounds are a great option you should consider.

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