Best Food For Pitbull Puppies – A Complete Guide To The Best and Worst

Feeding a puppy is not as easy as you might perceive. Feeding your dog anything from the refrigerator won’t help as they require a proper meal for nourishment and growth. Just as humans require essential nutrients in our food to excel in daily tasks, dogs also require specific nutrients.

Pitbull puppies are even trickier to feed as their diet varies from other dogs. Pitbulls are bulky and muscular canines that need a considerable amount of grub to lead an active and happy life. Did you know that 5.8% of dogs in the United States of America are Pitbull breeds? This article will explore the best puppy food for Pitbulls and what common questions Pitbull dog owners ask experts.

How to Find the Best Puppy Food for Pitbulls?


Before settling on a dog food specified for Pitbulls, learn what food will serve best for your puppy. Each puppy is different and holds various nutritional requirements. Below are some of the factors that are crucial to take into the concern to find the best puppy food for Pitbulls:

Is Your Pitbull Puppy or Adult?

Pitbulls are generally large dogs, and a puppy Pitbull also seems like an adult dog. There are different dog foods for adults and puppies. Only buy food specially made for puppies if your dog is at its initial life cycle stage. Feeding adult dog food to a puppy or vice versa can lead to joint diseases and hip dysplasia.

What is the Breed of Your Pitbull Puppy?

There are four breeds of Pitbull dogs. Some are classified as large breed dogs, while the rest are medium. It is essential to know which breed your Pitbull dog is to feed it food accordingly. There are specific nutritional requirements for different-sized dog breeds. Click here to read the best dog food for large and small breeds.

Problems Associated With Feeding the Wrong Food

By the term “wrong food”, we emphasize food that is not according to a dog’s size, age, or breed. Feeding a Pitbull the wrong food can lead to various problems and complications in the future, including skin allergies, digestion problems, and obesity. Hip Dysplasia is the major problem encountered by many Pitbull dogs fed improper food. Hip Dysplasia means the dislocation of joints.

The Best Puppy Food for Pitbulls

Here is our list of the best puppy food for Pitbulls that will fulfill all the nutritional requirements of your dog, channeling its health towards achieving growth:

Diamond Naturals All Life Stages Chicken & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food

Diamond Naturals Dog Food consists of high-quality fresh chicken, including whole grain brown rice and other essential nutrients. It is designed especially for large breed puppies like Pitbulls. It contains omega fatty acids that contain DHA, promoting brain and vision development. Diamond Naturals can help your puppy Pitbull with muscle building and strong bone structure due to the high composition of protein and calcium.


Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Dry Puppy Food, Chicken and Rice Formula

Purina Pro Plan is best suited for large breed puppies. It includes a blend of antioxidants that supports the healthy development of the immune system. Omega-6 fatty acids and essential vitamins ensure nourishment of the skin and coat. The product boosts brain development as it contains DHA. Pitbulls are pretty muscular and need strength to move around and play. Hence, Purina Pro Plan consists of phosphorus and other minerals to provide calcium, resulting in strong bones and teeth development.


Bully Max Performance Dog Food For Pitbulls

Bully Max Performance is the food specially designed to supply additional muscle power to your Pitbull. This high-calorie blend boosts your dog’s energy, ensuring that they eat less food and get more energy. Bully Max Performance is suitable for all breeds, especially large Pitbull breeds. It is a meat-based formula that provides a pack of protein.


Wellness Complete Health Dry Dog Food with Grains, Natural Ingredients, Made in the USA with Real Meat, All Breeds, For Adult Dogs

Wellness Complete Health ensures the overall development of your dog and is suitable for all large breeds. Guaranteed levels of calcium and glucosamine support joint, bone, and complete skeletal health of the dog. A wide range of prebiotics, probiotics, and healthy fiber allows healthy digestion and proper bowel movements in a dog. Crunchy kibble texture strengthens teeth and develops gums. Wellness also includes fatty acids to nourish the healthy coat and skin of the dog.


Royal Canin Medium Breed Adult Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Dog Food is perfect for medium-sized Pitbull breeds whose nutritional requirements can easily be fulfilled. It boosts immunity through the blend of essential probiotics and antioxidants. Optimal levels of DHA and EPA nourish the healthy skin and coat of the dog. Royal Canin consists of high-quality and protein-rich sources that aid the healthy digestion of the pup, giving it additional calories for fewer servings. It is a unique kibble made to develop strong teeth and endorse chewing.


Dr. Tim’s All Life Stages Kinesis Formula Dry Dog Food

Dr. Tim’s All Life Stages Dog Food comprised a massive 79% protein composition in the food that significantly boosts muscle strength and helps with the dog’s healthy digestion. Furthermore, it contains Omega-3 fatty acids from fresh fish oil nourishes the skin and coat. The product does not contain soy, corn, or wheat. It only contains high-quality grains that give additional healthy calories to your pup.


Crave High Protein Chicken Adult Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Crave Dog Food comprises high-quality chicken meat from farm-raised chickens that is high in protein and boosts the muscle growth of your canine. It contains fresh vegetables and does not include any artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Crave Dog Food is a grain-free and high-protein meal best for your Pitbull puppy.


Final Thoughts


Choosing the best puppy food for Pitbulls is not very challenging if you know what works for your puppy. Always investigate the best dog food for your dog before trusting commercials. All of the products mentioned above are recommended by professional vets and nutritionists.

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